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Modelleria Matteuzzi was foundend in 1962 from Matteuzzi Romano. In 1982 it moved to Via del parlamento Europeo 25/A in Scandicci (Florence, actual position). By known efficency and seriousness, Modelleria Matteuzzi extended for a surface of 400mq plus external courtyard, it has the most advanced production equipments and during the yars have been realized plans for many important italian industries. The staff conposed from 8 employees highly caracterized with decennial experience. The production is subdivided in three fundamental units: the CN production unit, the CAD-CAM office and the workshop. Thanks to the equipments purposely chosen for this scope, Modelleria Matteuzzi can build small, large and big models.

Our products:

The company makes dies and moulds for foudries and small, large and big prototypes in wood, resin, metal, fibreglass, etc with CAD-CAM milling techniques. It's possible to see examples of models constructions in the photo gallery sections.

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You can find all photos in the Photo gallery section.

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Telephone: 055 721161
Fax: 055 721161
Partita IVA: 05569230484
General info commercial e-m@il: matteuzzimarco@virgilio.it
Technic information: info@modelleriamatteuzzi.it
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The company is divided into three parts:
  1. CAD-CAM planning section: managed and designed all the parts of the model that will be realized into CNC unit throught specific CAD-CAM service.
  2. Tool machine section: Modelleria Matteuzzi has two CN mill and first production is entirely provided by them. The first is a large 5 axes mill with rotating table, the second is a fast 3 axes mill with automatic tool change and liquid cooled head. CN milling guarantees precision and rapidity. We use first quality tools for both mills.
  3. Workshop: The experience of the employees joined to the usage of valid instruments allows this filed, in cooperation with the other areas, to extract a great quality and precision finally product.

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